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Weaving Skills

Once you've taken a look at some of the intricate designs, colors and 
textures in fabrics that are the product of hand weaving, it's easy to 
understand the urge to give this lovely craft a try.

Following are descriptions of videos for beginners or advanced weavers.
Videos are some of the best and easiest ways to improve your skills. 

Introduction to Weaving: With Deborah Chandler  
This video will introduce you to weaving tools, yarns and vocabulary,
along with weaving projects. 
(57 min.)  Video #2226  29.98

Beginning Four Harness Weaving with Deborah Chandler  
Once you have learned how to read a weaving draft and tie-up the loom, 
a pattern draft is included from which you may weave several different 
weave structures.  "Introduction to Weaving", #2226, is a prerequisite.  
(86 min.)  Video #2228  39.98

"Dressing the Loom: With Constance LaLena"  
Warping a four-harness table or floor loom.
For an even warp tension, you may learn about threading 
needles, sleying the reed, and tying-on.
(45 min.)  Video #2234   19.98

"Doubleweave: With Clotilde Barrett" 
In this video, you may learn techniques such as weaving two separate layers, 
tubes, color-and-weave effects, pique, quilting 
and double-weave pick up patterning. 
(95 min.)  Video #2233  39.98

You may view more weaving video titles at the main online catalog.

How to Order

To order any of these video titles, use our convenient order line
 or make your selections at the main online catalog order form.

Order toll-free 1-800-469-7977 24-hour (U.S., Canada)
1-908-229-0504 (International) All payments must be in US funds. 
Please note that a source code is required to place your order.  
(Give source code #50419)

The main online catalog contains an extensive selection of video and 
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