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Tatting is a knotting technique.  The size of the shuttle and 
the thread determine the fineness or coarseness of the finished 
piece.  Tatting has been used principally for trimmings and 
edgings.  By making small motifs and joining them as you work, 
a very beautiful all-over lace piece can be created.

Tatting Basics and Beyond

Watching a video has been proven to be one of the best and easiest 
ways to learn new skills.  Check out these two videos for tatting, 
for beginner or advanced.  (Further info. and photo of Vol.1 
video are in the main online catalog, in Crafts & Hobbies Section.)

Tatting Series

Vol.1: The Basics

Learn the basic stitch in the traditional shuttle tatting method. 
Learn how to work a two color edging, 
and how this edging may be applied to a project.  
(78 min.)  Video #2193  39.98

Vol.2: Beyond the Basics with Mildred Clark

In this video, more complex techniques may be learned. 
Some of these are the rolled, twisted, and Josephine stitches. 
Learn beading, two shuttle tatting, and more.  
(81 min.)  Video #2194  39.98

You'll be needing tatting patterns 
to try out your new tatting skills. 
I found this free tatting pattern while surfing the web. 
The Tatted Picot Doily pattern is online at Erinnyes' Weyr. 
The Tatted Picot Doily photo is here.


To order "The Basics" or "Beyond the Basics" by phone, 
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and give source code #50419 when ordering.
1-908-229-0504 (International)  Give source code #50419.
All payments must be in US funds and are subject to approval.

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To make your selections at the online catalog order form, or 
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