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Needlework Videos

Watching a video has been proven to be one of the best ways 
to learn anything you want to learn.

Learn as you have time 

at your own pace 

in the comfort of your own home.

How-to videos on all of these needlework categories can be 
found in the main online catalog for your learning pleasure:

applique     bead embroidery     beadweaving     crocheting

handspinning    hooking rugs    knitting    needlepoint

quilting    sewing    tatting    weaving

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The main online catalog contains 
more than 7,000 video titles 
on many subjects.

Come explore!

But before going to the online catalog, 
please take a moment to write down 
source code 50419.
Please give this number when making any purchase.
Thank you.

Ok, with source code 50419 in hand:
Go to Video and CD-ROM Catalog

See you at the catalog!

   Information: Phone numbers, Printed catalog info., etc.


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