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Clicking on the links within this brief article will take you on 
an Internet mini-tour of sites interesting to knitters. 

The History of Knitting   The art of knitting has been traced back 
as far as 200 AD with unearthed knitted relics from that period containing 
an untricacy of color patterning and design.  In some areas, over the 
years, knitting was very important to the economy.  In the cold, remote 
Shetland Islands, knitting was so important that a woman would be known to 
be walking along, carrying a fully loaded basket and knitting at the same time! 

Knitting Today     Knitting is an exciting art today, with the wide 
array of varied colors and textures in yarns that are available for a knitter
to discover, along with the availability of fascinating patterns created by 
talented designers.

     Beginning knitters will find it best to choose a project that is a 
simple pattern with knitting worsted weight yarn (the more plain the yarn, 
the easier it will work up.)  Once knitting this project is accomplished, 
you may be hooked on knitting and ready to experience the pleasure of watching 
fancier, more intricate patterning take shape on your knitting needles. 
What fun!

Knitters will find videos to be a valuable tool for enhancing their 
knitting skills.  Watching an actual demonstration of a technique 
has been proven to be one of the easiest and best ways to learn, 
along with the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

Some of the video titles that are available to knitters today are:

Knitting, Multi-Color Techniques for Handknitters
Sweater Finishing for Hand and Machine Knitters
Circular Method Sweater
Knit Repair Techniques

[Printed Video Catalog]   [Online Video Catalog]


Finding Yarn Sources on the Web

Elann Fibre:  An online catalog featuring patterns, books, 
yarns, kits.  Click on the "samples" button at this site to find out 
about purchasing Elann's Closeout Newsletter subscription announcing 
yarn closeout specials.

Smiley's Yarns:  Yarn at discount prices. 
You can receive free samples of their Yarn of the Month Offer.

Finding Free Patterns on the Web

About Knitting: Many links to free patterns at various websites see "Subjects" 
list in left-hand column on any page. There are also free patterns within some 
of the bi-weekly articles on this site. Active knitting forum and chat.

Northwest Peddlers:  Section of free online knitting patterns.

Vanderbilt University:  Many free patterns online for 
knitted dishcloths and washcloths.

Sources of Knitting Kits on the Web

Fun Hat and Backpack Kits from Fingerlakes Yarns

Sweater of the Month Club

The Mystery Kit

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