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Celtic Designs

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Celtic Labyrinth Design Longsleeve T-Shirt

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Celtic B & W Longsleeve T-Shirt

Where Did Celtic Designs Originate?

The Celts were an early European warlike, agricultural, clan-based people that were spread over much of the continent between the 2nd millennium BC to the 1st century BC. At their pinnacle, their tribes ranged from the British Isles and northern Spain to as far east as Transylvania, the Black Sea coasts, and Galatia in Anatolia and were in part integrated into the Roman Empire as Britons, Gauls, Boii, Galatians and Celtiberians.

Over time they gradually drifted to where their modern counterparts can now be found in Ireland, Highland Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales and Brittany.

Their complex mythology and spirituality made a deep and lasting impression on the collective European mind; their stories and ideas became the building blocks for other stories to follow throughout the Middle Ages.

They are best known for their distinctive art style of elaborate and abstract geometric designs with stylized bird and animal forms.

In many ways the European Celts bore a close resemblance to the North American Indians. They never knew strict capitalism like so many other cultures, the never built an empire and always lived in harmony with the natural and spiritual worlds around them.

These things are most likely why Celtic ways are so popular these days, we can recognize their simple and pure values that we seem to some how be disconnected from in today's modern chaotic world.

Today Celtic influences can be felt most prominently in musical scores, namely the soundtrack for the mega-hit film, "Titanic" and through the beautifully haunting melodies of Ireland's own Enya.

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Gothic Celtic Posters

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Gothic - Gothic - Celtic Empire  ( Posters ) Gothic - Gothic - Celtic, Ancient Arts  ( Posters )


Gothic - Gothic - Cross, Celtic Art  ( Posterflags ) Gothic - Gothic - Celtic Cross  ( Posterflags )

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