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Backpacking, Hiking

Above the Clouds Trekking
Exploration of exotic destinations, remote areas.

TLC Llamas 
With this group, explore the Southern Oregon wilderness, 
with llamas along on your journey to be your 
companions and to carry your gear.  
Hiking, camping, fishing, photography.  

To learn more about llamas before you take your llama journey, 
this site is a wealth of llama information. 

If you're ready for another llama trip, 
here are more llama trekking adventures. 

Dog Sledding

Moose Camp on Grizzly Mountain Plateau
Kanata Wilderness Adventures.  See what it's like to take part in 
mushing the dog team.

Diving Tours

Virtual Diving Center in Egypt

Find out about shipwrecks, dive sites, dive tours, scuba travel.



Island Cruises  Barrington Adventures, Inc. 
For the adventurous, choose 
to participate in sailing the vessel.

Adventure Vacations CD-ROM
500 exciting vacation choices throughout the United States. 
Plan your next adventure vacation right from your home computer!  

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